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Events at Carton Golf Club

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World Amateur Team Championships 

Carton House Golf on the world's stage

This year, Carton House was the proud home of the 2018 World Amateur Team Championships. From 29th August to 8th September, male and female teams from all over the world descended on the fairways of

Carton House to go head to head for the World Amateur Team title. 

The ladies’ competition, The Espirito Santo Trophy kicked off on 29th August on the O'Meara course and ran until 1st September 2018. With many exciting twists and turns it was the United States of America who emerged victorious in the end. 

It was then all to play for in the male competition; The Eisenhower Trophy. Despite turbulent weather, the mens competition ran from 5th September to 8th September with Denmark taking home the trophy.