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Why choose a career in Spa & Wellness?

Why choose a career in Spa & Wellness?

Spa and wellness is a key component of the luxury hospitality experience. 


In our increasingly busy world, guests who visit luxury hotels are in search for comfort and relaxation in both a physical and mental sense. 


Having a luxury spa and wellness offering will be the decision-maker for many when it comes to choosing a hotel. At Carton House, a Fairmont-managed hotel, the spa and wellness experience allows an individual to indulge mind, body and spirit. It is an opportunity to break away from the chaos of everyday life in one of the best spa retreats in modern luxury hospitality. 


However, a career Spa & Wellness is also a fulfilling space in many ways. 


Interested? Here are eight benefits you will receive by working in the industry. 


You can work all over the world 

Unlike other career opportunities, careers in luxury hospitality can take you anywhere in the world. 

It is an almost universal occupation choice and the same can be said for the spa and wellness industry. 

With luxury hotels in every corner of the globe, employment in the spa and wellness sphere can take you from New York to Thailand and even to the beautiful grounds of Carton House in Co. Kildare. 


There is always room for career growth 

Many spa managers will have begun their careers in luxury hospitality in entry-level positions such as spa receptionist or massage therapist. 

From here, they would have built up their expertise and experience and stepped up the ladder to spa management. 

A social role 

Working in spa and wellness in luxury hospitality is a sociable role. As you work alongside and with several different people and clients, you will get to know people from all walks of life. This keeps your job and your daily tasks enjoyable and interesting. 


Its rewarding 

As a whole, working in luxury hospitality is a career path where you can clearly see results come to fruition. However, this is never more clear than in the spa and wellness world. This is because you are working with clients who are looking for a specific outcome and you are the person to help them achieve it. 

Meanwhile, you may also become responsible for drawing up programs, product plans or treatment processes that the client can take on by themselves. 

So, it really is a role which goes beyond the treatment room. 


Job security and satisfaction 

Unlike others, this is an industry where jobs are increasing on a regular basis. New openings and opportunities appear every day across the globe. 

In addition to this, the spa and wellness world has a high level of job satisfaction with studies showing that those who work in the industry are not just satisfied but extremely satisfied with their jobs and careers. 


Mentorship opportunities

The luxury hospitality industry as a whole has a myriad of mentorship opportunities. People and teams are always willing to help and educate. 

If you want to learn and create a long successful career, then the right tools are there at your disposal. 


You learn skills for personal use 

While working in spa and wellness is all about the client, you will also obtain important skills for personal use. 

Through your work, you will be educated in waxing, massage, skincare and more, meaning you will be able to enhance your beauty regime day to day, too. 


You provide an unforgettable experience 

Being an employee of the luxury hospitality industry means day in and day out, you are responsible for creating unforgettable experiences. 

You will offer a high level of personalisation for each client and pay close attention to their needs and make them feel genuinely welcomed and cared for. 

And in the working world, there is no better feeling than this. 


So, want to kickstart your career in luxury hospitality and spa and wellness? Visit our Careers page now to see all the latest job openings. 

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