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How Carton House, Fairmont puts your career goals first

How Carton House, Fairmont puts your career goals first

Have you ever considered luxury hospitality careers in Ireland? Well, Carton House, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, is where to begin your journey. 

Imagine a career that is about people. Imagine a job that is about more than just assistance. Imagine an occupation that creates and cultivates special moments not to be forgotten, provides exceptional service and also puts your career goals first. 

Luxury hospitality careers in Ireland do just that, and Carton House, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, is leading the way.

A career in luxury hospitality is truly special. It is a job path like no other. It’s about experience, service and people. Together each element creates a unique connection with the guest. When done right, it is genuine and authentic, and this emotional rapport creates a long-lasting relationship. 

These same principles are present in the link between employer and employees. Luxury hospitality careers in Ireland are defined by respect, collaboration and personal and professional growth. Carton House, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, champions all of this by putting its people at the heart of the business. 

Not only do we want to provide a welcoming and unique experience for our guests, but we want employees to thrive in their working environment, too. Why? Because luxury hospitality careers in Ireland are about the individual, whether they are a guest or an employee, and your career goals matter to us. 

Company culture 

A business is nothing without an open and successful culture with strong values.

These standards lay the foundation for what the company cares about most, and give us a common purpose that all within the organisation should understand and work towards. 

Once a unique culture has been defined and promoted, an organisation's people come to understand the steps that lead to positive working results. 

At Carton House, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, our values are integral to our success as an Irish luxury hotel, and we uphold four key pillars. 

The first is that we are family. The second is always delivering engaging service. The third is making sure all of our employees feel empowered in their work. And the fourth and final pillar is ensuring that Carton House, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, remains at the heart of the community. 

Moreover, we uphold and believe in teamwork. For meaningful and prosperous luxury hospitality careers in Ireland, supporting and helping fellow team members to excel is important. 

At Carton House, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, there is a resounding desire to establish a workplace that assists its employees. We are one team, with a shared goal of producing the best possible service in a happy and healthy way. 

We encourage creativity and those who take initiative. We applaud team players and those who empower diversity, and inclusion and commend empathy. 

Each department is a piece of the puzzle and synergy is present between all facets. We believe in doing the right thing, even when nobody's watching. Most of all, we understand that culture does not make people – it is the people that make the culture. This is why your ambitions in luxury hospitality careers in Ireland are central to our triumphs. 

Careers in luxury hospitality Ireland

Career growth is necessary and beneficial in every business. It improves our offering as a service provider but also increases employee motivation and productivity. 

Carton House, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, champions an elevated and opportunity-led path when it comes to luxury hospitality careers in Ireland. 

Whether it be at the front desk or in the kitchen, we will strive to ensure that you are hitting career milestones along the way and achieving your goals. 

We do this by investing in our team members. Working with us means you will be offered a number of upskilling courses and professional growth opportunities. You grow and we do, too. 

Innovation is crucial when it comes to the success of a luxury hotel, and we understand that by empowering you to become the best, we become better. 

Luxury reputation 

Finally, the prestige of luxury hospitality careers in Ireland is recognised worldwide. We have a strong reputation for our expertise in hotel, restaurant, bar, leisure and resort management. 

Not only are we known as a friendly and hospitable country, but our luxury offering is also second to none. Embarking on this journey with Carton House, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, will not only help you achieve your goals, but it will also grant you a career that is acclaimed. 

Enter the world of hospitality careers in Ireland by contacting our Talent and Culture Department at +353 (0)1 505 2000 or emailing to find out more. 


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