Carton House

Spa & Wellness

Immerse yourself in nature

Indulge mind, body and spirit with a Carton House Spa & Wellness experience.

Carton House Spa is an epicentre of wellness, showcasing healing rituals, a knowledge of restorative body work and the latest bio-innovation to amplify emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Feel your soul lighten as you step inside, your senses heighten at the sound of nature, a visual play of light and shadow, and energy-cleansing music.

Breathe in the heady aromas from our bespoke fragrance, with grounding notes of cinnamon, cedarwood and clary sage. Intricate arrangements, inspired by the rhythm of the seasons, provide a backdrop to this otherworldly space. Sip our seasonal tea blend or herbal-infused water and let your journey begin.

The space, designed to enhance the whole experience of the senses, is inspired by the surroundings, with a use of natural elements such as limestone, wood and water.