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Carton House Golf Online Golf Simulation Game

Practice from the comfort of your own home

Carton House Golf courses now available to download as a PC simulation

Experience the exhilaration of both Carton House Golf courses from the comfort of your own home with our online simulation. These accurate 3D renditions are suitable for PC play with the Microsoft Links PC game.

The newest version of the best-selling golf simulator features improved graphics, high-resolution 3D characters, expanded online capability and new features that offer golfers the most realistic golf simulation ever.

"Links 1.07," with its superior ball physics and unparalleled attention to detail is the perfect complement to playing a real round of golf. PC golfers can expect to see shadows and hear birds chirping in stunning 3D audio while playing on the most detailed grass, sand and water textures around. 

Download Instructions

With "Links 1.07," PC golfers have the opportunity for fast and easy online play. Using the Match Maker, PC golfers can start an online tournament and play with friends or family at any time.
Players can even join matches with other online players via a simplified, in-game process or through e-mail.

To Purchase

Click on the links below to purchase the Microsoft Links game for only €5.50

Download the course files here