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First Club in Ireland - Golf Skate Caddy

Posted on: 2016-06-22 10:33:00Golf  |  All

Carton house is proud announce that we are the first Golf Club in Ireland to have the latest innovation in the golf world – the Golf Skate Caddy. This new and innovative product is set to revitalise the way golf is currently played. The Golf Skate Caddy is a big hit with our younger members and improves the speed of a game of golf. See Greg Norman Jr talk about the Golf Skate Caddy below.

The Skate Caddy is a mix between a buggy and a Skate board, electrically driven by twin motors similarly to a buggy and controlled by feet movement with the same response as a skate board. The Golf Skate Caddy changes the way we play golf. It allows for a fun break between shots and with a group of friend’s adds a social element. The speed of a round can be significantly shortened allowing golfers to be more involved in the game and the short periods riding the Skate Caddy between holes takes your mind away from the game allowing you to relax and have some fun.The Skate Caddy isn’t just targeted at younger players, there is also a market for people with injuries who can find an 18 hole course cumbersome on joints or previous injuries. The Golf Skate Caddy allows them to keep up with the group and play a comfortable game of golf.

Why not drop in the Carton House Golf Club to take it on a test drive