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Taking a leap this January

Posted on: 2015-01-14 10:12:00Wildlife
Taking a leap this January

The Salmon conservation and protection story at Carton started over ten years ago when a fish pass was built on the Rye waterfall . In autumn 2014 Carton added another pool to the fish pass and this has proved to be a great help to Salmon travelling upstream to spawn. For the last four weeks Salmon have arrived in the Rye system and started spawning.

When the fish have finished spawning they will return to sea and start the cycle once again. The wild Juveniles will spend a few years growing in our river system. They will then run to sea, feed there for a few years and  return to the exact location where they started years previous.

Since the start of the conservation programme ten years ago, we are now seeing increasing numbers of fish returning to the system. We hope to continue the programme and help to increase salmon stocks and conserve dwindling numbers!

It's a spectacular site to see the Salmon leaping up river towards their breeding grounds. Fish watching is the new bird watching at Carton this January!