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Summer Pudding

Posted on: 2015-05-08 11:19:00Food  |  Lifestyle
Summer Pudding

Summer at Carton is a very special time as the grounds come into their own, resplendent in their seasonal glory! It's a wonderful time of year for fresh Irish produce which is reflected in the menus at Carton. Summer evenings are perfect for dinner parties and BBQs - bring the taste of Carton home and surprise your guests with this vibrant yet ultra simple pudding!

Serves 4


  • 1kg frozen mixed berries
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 12 -16 slices of white bread

To serve:

  • Berry coulis
  • Whipped cream or ice cream

1. Place the berries, caster sugar and vanilla in a saucepan and heat
gently. Do not stir too much as the berries will break up. Bring just to
the boil and then take off the heat and cool.

2. Strain the berries through a sieve, retaining the juices. Cut the crusts
off the bread and cut in half. Dip the bread into the berry juices and
then arrange on the bottom and sides of six small moulds, making sure
that there are no gaps as this will collapse the dessert after pressing.

3. Pack the strained berries into the moulds until full. Cut another piece
of bread the same size as the top of the mould and dip in the berry
juice before placing on top.

4.Cover with a sheet of cling film then press something heavy on top for
at least three hours or overnight if possible. Chill in the fridge.

5. When ready to serve, run a knife around the edge, turn the puddings
up side down and shake to turn them out.

6. Place on the serving plate, cover with berry coulis and serve with
whipped cream or ice cream.

Summer puddings taste best if they are made the day before serving - it
gives the bread enough time to really take on the flavour of the berries.


For more seasonal recipes like this The Carton House cookbook is available to purchase at front desk for €12.95