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Afternoon Tea at Carton House

Afternoon tea currently unavailable. Brand new afternoon experience launching 2021. 


As you join us for Afternoon Tea, you are seated in the rooms that originally would have entertained aristocratic visitors to Carton House. As you gaze up at the gilded ceiling of the Gold Salon, the exquisite coving of the Drawing Room, or out into the floral abundance of the Rose Garden beyond, these are the same views that have captivated visitors for over 200 years.

Afternoon Tea first became a popular custom during the Georgian period, and was seen as the most stylish way for the lady of the house to entertain. You can almost hear the swishing of the taffeta skirts and laughter of Lady Emily and her guests as you enter this special and unique place. It was something to be anticipated and enjoyed. Today we are reimagining this as a contemporary luxury experience. Enjoy the aroma of speciality Jing Tea, the finest tea sourced from artisan tea gardens across Asia. Take a sip from your bespoke bone china cup and be transported to days gone by, when tea was a ritual to be truly savoured, a special occasion to be shared with those closest to you. Here, we recapture and reinterpret that sense of ceremony for you, our guest.

We hope you delight in the sense of occasion evoked by our Afternoon Tea experience, and take the time to savour precious time spent with friends and family here at Carton House. For enquiries, please email here or call us on +353 (0)1 505 2000. 


Looking for the perfect gift?

Treat them to a little piece of luxury with  an Afternoon Tea experience.